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In the case of the malware discovered by Check Point, a simple piece of advice is to scan a new phone for malware. Though it can make sense for small companies with limited budgets to purchase the devices through cheaper resellers, it’s important to research the sellers to see if they’ve sold problematic technology in the past. Trusted websites and stores remain the safest route of purchase. In a more general sense and outside of this specific problem, there are some best practices users can follow when buying and using Android apps: Stick to Google Play. It isn’t perfect , but Google does put plenty of effort into preventing malware arriving in the first place, or purging it from the Play Store if it What is Skiptracing? shows up. In contrast, many alternative markets are little more than a free-for-all where app creators can upload anything they want, and frequently do. Consider using an Android anti-virus . By blocking the install of malicious and unwanted apps, even if they come from Google Play, you can spare yourself lots of trouble. Avoid apps with a low reputation. If no one knows anything about a new app yet, don’t install it on a work phone, because your IT department won’t thank you if something goes wrong . Patch early, patch often.

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