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“At first, I’d hear people say things like, ‘Dance music and rap music? That’s cheesy,’ ” Beau says. “But when we combine it in this pure way, people are like, ‘Oh, I can groove to this.’ And it’s because the rap fits.” Exactly. Growing up on go-go music, Beau knows how to thread his voice through a rhythm, how to sink his rhymes into the pocket, even when a song is moving at high speeds. Unlike all the cut-and-paste dance tracks floating around out there, Young Futura’s music feels coherent and composed. “You always need something to sit inside

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But watching her perform “Upuan,” and doing it with the grit and gigil like I haven’t seen her do in a long time, I was reminded again of how talented and intense she can get, and how all Constantino needs is the freedom to make the songs, and be the person, she wants to be. Independence is a good thing, we are told. And on that stage, singing Gloc-9 songs, we hope all these artists remember that. Ah, but there is no talking about AKNM without speaking of the OPM icons who went on that stage and did their time with Gloc-9. And yes, there were

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If debut albums were rated purely on how familiar a fan becomes with said artist, than Jay would score top marks. Despite the short tracklist though, Taking All Bets took roughly two full years to complete, which by listening to it, makes total sense. Jay doesn’t waste one single bar on this album nor does he add any unnecessary filler. Jay made the exact album he wanted to here—or at least it sounds that way. He kicks things off with “Stay Dangerous,” a declaration of savagery that gets carried throughout the entire 12-song tracklist.

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